What is Tortellini up to?

Tortellini (aka Tank) is our Russian tortoise. If you don't see him, he is either outside in his pen in the yard, enyoing the California sun, walking arround in the house, or inside his little shed or log. He sleeps a lot.

The best time for seeing him is arround 7 - 11 AM PST when he comes out for breakfast which is served on the green surface you are seeing - this is his "sundeck". He is having breakfast while getting warm under the artificial UV sun light (a mercury light bulb). This light goes out arround noon, and the rest of the day he usually spends in his pen in the yard, walking arround and digging holes in the ground, until we bring him in when it is getting dark. In the winter time, he also has an additional red night light to keep the temperature from dropping too low. It is turned off during summer though.

Tortellini Live Cam Pic

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